Shout about your frequent-service routes!

Does your city have any public transport routes that guarantee high-frequency throughout the day? Are they metro/subway routes? Are some on buses?

If any of those services are bus routes, are they highlighted as special, or do they seem like any other bus service?

The Human Transit blog highlights the importance of being very clear which routes have high-quality, frequent service (regardless of technology):
Berlin, for example, presents its system this way:
  • Rapid transit, consisting of U-bahn and S-bahn. (These have numbers starting with U or S. Both are fully grade separated rail transit. ... )
  • Frequent local-stop transit, called the "Metro-Netz." Metro-Netz service is identified by a route number starting with M, and this supposedly guarantees service every 10 minutes or better for 20 hours a day. Metro-Netz service can be either streetcar or bus.
  • Less-frequent local-stop transit, which is identified by a route number without an initial letter.
Obviously the important point here is the Metro-Netz definition, which focuses on the quantity and type of service -- promising local-stop service that runs very frequently all day and evening. Both buses and streetcars/trams can provide this service, and they encourage you to focus on the service, not the technology.
Human Transit calls Berlin's Metro-Nezt a Frequent Network brand.


  1. Brisbane, Australia has ten frequent-service bus routes, running every 15 minutes or better 17 hours a day. There are also other bus routes which supplement these, plus rail and ferry service offering similar frequency and operating hours.
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  2. Maybe a bit late for this post, but Canberra has recently begun a 9-month trial of a 'frequent' (15 min) service, weekdays, 7am-7pm.

    It's better than most of their other services (30/60min or peak-only), so I've been trying to use it even when alternatives exist.

    It only stops at 'major' or interchange locations, which speeds up the trip a bit too.

    A step in the right direction, and prompted I think by Jarrett Walker (of blog goodness) and his company's review of Canberra's transit situation.

  3. I guess it is time to shout, though late , for I was checking the consistency and it is ON and owned by the people.
    These BIG -10 services in Bangalore, INDIA are ordinary public bus system with a frequency of every 10 -15 minutes running for about 12 -16 hours a day. The buses are green in colour, clearly identifiable, all radiating to the City from 10 peripheral areas (about 16kms from downtown)on major transport corridors. Hence BIG -10.


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