About Paul Barter

I am a transport-policy researcher, adviser, writer and trainer with a background in academia and in non-profits. My focus since about 1994 has been urban transport policy. Topics have included international comparisons, public transport regulation, TDM, how to ease car-dependence, Singapore's urban transport history and parking policy. I am Australian but have lived in Singapore since December 2000.

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I am open to requests to provide training, research or policy analysis within my main areas of expertise. 

I am especially strong on parking policy.

If you have heard my name before, it might be for my work on urban parking. This accelerated in 2009 when I worked on a regional overview of parking policy in Asian cities, commissioned by the Asian Development Bank. Since then I have worked on parking issues in many cities (including in Australia, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand) for clients such as the World Bank and Germany's GIZ. I also write about parking at Reinventing Parking.

I do not offer full-service parking studies. I am a solo freelancer after all.

But I do offer 'parking policy rapid evaluation' services as well as writing, research or training on urban parking policy.  These services are mostly aimed at local governments as well as other actors (such as non-profits) with a strong interest in parking policy.

The rapid evaluation services involve an assessment of the parking-policy status quo and of key opportunities to do better. Depending on the scope of the project, they often also include training sessions. Both the evaluation and the training aim to better inform the local debate over parking. These rapid evaluations are about strategic directions in parking policy not the final details. They are especially helpful at the very early stages of a parking policy rethink and can help set the scene for a more substantial policy review. So far, I have delivered such rapid evaluations of parking in Pune in India, Tianjin and Qingdao in China, Ibagué and Pereira in Colombia and in one neighborhood in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Email me at paulbarter at reinventingtransport dot org if you want to discuss how I might be able to help you or your city.