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Singapore's urban mobility model: a slightly critical look

Don't be too starry eyed about Singapore's urban transport policies.  Yes, they do offer plenty for others to emulate. But there are also problems and cautionary tales.  In a recent book chapter I look at some of the problems with the current approach and speculate about a different overall strategy for Singapore urban transport policy. High-speed one-way traffic in Singapore's new CBD.  I have been here more than 12 years now and during that time I have been watching Singapore urban transport policy and practice pretty closely, as part of my research and as a user. I think I am well placed to offer a balanced perspective. The chapter is called ‘Singapore’s Mobility Model: Time for an Update?’ and is published in the Institute for Mobility Research's 2013 book, Megacity Mobility Culture: How Cities Move on in a Diverse World , (Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer). To give you a sense of my argument, here is the conclusion of the chapter: Singapore is a us