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Auckland shows car-dependent cities how to change

This encouraging Reinventing Transport episode takes another look at Auckland in New Zealand. This time we focus on the city itself and how this car-dependent metropolitan area has been showing its peers how to change course. This is actually the third part of my December 2018 discussion with Matt Lowrie and Patrick Reynolds, two of the bloggers on the Greater Auckland blog. In the first part, which was Reinventing Transport episode #9 , we looked at their blog, Greater Auckland, and how it has become so influential. The second part was on my other podcast, Reinventing Parking, recently , where Matt and I talked about Auckland’s impressive parking reforms. Auckland’s experience has a lot to teach other cities and Patrick and Matt are incredibly knowledgeable guides. Here are highlights from the conversation. Auckland is still a car-dependent city but it is now rapidly becoming less car-dependent. All the key trends are in the right direction. [1:20] Rapid population gro