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Upward and outward urban growth and why transport folks should care

Where in the world is urban growth fastest? How much can we expect by 2030? Where is the growth mainly outward onto new land? Where is it mostly upward in the form of taller buildings? These questions (and others) are tackled in a unique way by the important World Resources Institute (WRI) working paper,  “ Upward and Outward Growth: Managing Urban Expansion for More Equitable Cities in the Global South ” . I spoke with co-author, Anjali  Mahendra,  about the paper and why transport folks like you and me should pay attention.  The result of our conversation is Reinventing Transport episode #17.   You can read some detailed highlights below or listen to the interview in full. Click here to learn how to subscribe to this podcast. The report was prepared as part of the (mammoth!) effort towards the next edition of WRI's flagship World Resources Report, entitled " Towards a More Equal City " and was co-authored by Anjali Mahendra  (Director of Research, from the