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Combined Mobility thinking from UITP

When I wrote my last post "From Carsharing to Mobility Brokers" I didn't realise that the UITP was about to release a position paper on the issue. UITP is the International Association of Public Transport. I was alerted to UITP's work on this by the cover story of New Transit magazine (7 July 2011 issue) from the UK: " Time to forget modes... the future is in the Mobility Mix ". The article is well worth reading. It is subscription only but there is a free preview offer that allows a peek: Today’s customers have a new attitude to their travel choices. Offering “combined-mobility” across the modes can persuade people away from the private car. So what are the ingredients in this new mix, and who should take the lead on serving them up? I am particularly interested in that last question! The UITP report is by its Combined Mobility Platform . The English language version is here as a pdf . Various language versions are available .  UITP is urging its me