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Trailer for the new Reinventing Transport podcast

Here is the Trailer for the new Reinventing Transport show, an international podcast to help you work locally for better urban mobility and better cities. Can't see the player? Try clicking here .  UPDATE: Scroll down for a video version.  Regular Reinventing Transport episodes will start in June July 2018. After that, they will go out once every two weeks. Are you already a podcast listener? You can subscribe now!   [It is free.] Here are three ways: in the player above, click the symbol that looks like a wifi signal strength icon.  There are links to subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and GooglePlay Music. copy the RSS Feed address (  into your favourite podcast player app. (You can also get this adddress by rightclicking or clicking 'RSS Feed' after you clicked the wifi icon in the player above.) search for 'Reinventing Transport' in your podcast player app. If it doesn't show up yet, it should b