Trailer for the new Reinventing Transport podcast

Here is the Trailer for the new Reinventing Transport show, an international podcast to help you work locally for better urban mobility and better cities.

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UPDATE: Scroll down for a video version. 

Regular Reinventing Transport episodes will start in June July 2018. After that, they will go out once every two weeks.

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Here are some highlights from the Trailer. 

The aim of this episode is simply to let you know what to expect from the regular episodes later.

What will the Reinventing Transport show be like?

Basically, the Reinventing Transport show aims to give you practical help and encouragement on urban mobility issues no matter where you are in the world. It is for anyone, in any country, pushing for local changes to urban transport and public space, especially if you want your city to be more socially just, sustainable, safe, productive and full of great places.

Most episodes will be about 20 to 30 minutes long.  And most will be based on interviews.

Most episodes to be about a specific problem or solution or innovation to help you decide what you think and what you could do about that issue.

Who I am? 

You can find out a bit more about me here or here or here.

I am an Australian but I live in Singapore. I’ve been working on urban transport issues since just before I moved from Australia. In the last 10 years or so, a lot of my work has been on urban parking policy.

A sister podcast, Reinventing Parking, is also coming soon

By the way, if parking is your MAIN interest then you should head to to find out much more. In fact, I am planning for this podcast to have a sister one that focuses on parking policy. It will be called Reinventing Parking, of course.

Let’s talk about you!

As a listener to Reinventing Transport you could be ANYWHERE at all in the world.

You care about your city or town. You want urban transport there to do more good and less harm.

Urban transport issues may or may not be part of your job. But you want to know more and you want to make a difference. You could use some encouragement and good suggestions.

I hope you will benefit from the show and that you will enjoy it!

Please do share this post or episode with anyone you think might like the Reinventing Transport podcast.