Digging into Parking in Asia

[Update: Looking for more parking policy information?  

Ground floor living-room parking in Hanoi.

I am busy starting up a very quick 13-city/country study of urban parking policy and outcomes around Asia.

Maybe you can help?

It is an exploratory study aiming to find out what parking issues are important in each place (so that follow-up research can dig deeper). The focus is mainly cars, but other vehicles are relevant too, especially motorcycles. I want to know about off-street parking AND off-street. I am keen to hear about residential parking AND work-based parking AND short-term parking at other places, like shops. A bit ambitious perhaps but I want it all.

The study is also aimed at finding out if any of the major parking policy debates in Western cities are at all relevant anywhere in Asia. Can other places learn from how parking is done in any Asian cities?

So, if you have a view on parking and how it works then please drop a comment below! If you know of great studies or information sources then likewise, please do tell!

I am especially keen to hear tip-offs for parking policy or parking debate or parking phenomena in cities in the following places (since certain cities in each of these places are the case-studies for the project):
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Mainland China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam, and
  • Singapore (where I am based).


  1. The sheer density and diversity demands greater depth of policy analysis when compared to Western situations. Every individual finds their own way to address the issue and they do have devised their own solutions to their parking needs.Even if parking is a common issue , situations, systems and cultures are strikingly different.
    Despite all these , can we try to group countries across similarities and contrasts?

  2. Dear Paul,

    How are you?
    It has been quite long time since our last correspondence.

    I just visited your blog and very much interesting to joint your parking study. If you don’t mind, any list of your research questions will be very much appreciated. So I can provide you with data on Jakarta parking policy and practice, accordingly.

    It is quite a coincident, because started just from last week I am helping my colleague in DKI to conduct a study to formulate pricing for Jakarta off-street parking. This study is DKI’s respond to off-street parking companies, who demand for raise of parking fee. The result will become an input for drafting new Jakarta parking policy.

    Thanks in advance and looking forward hearing from you.

    Best regards



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